ZEN is born!

This is it, our first product line – wall calligraphy – designed to cultivate your living space. These aren’t your cheesy, ridiculously stupid looking, or meaningless Chinese scribblings that you see people getting tattooed on themselves (we’re sure you’ve seen worse – people getting tattoos they have absolutely no idea the meanings of). These are real, authentic, culturally rich and artfully calligraphed Chinese proverbs, quotes, and words of poetry. Check out our shop for details, translations and the story behind each piece.

A few to tease your eyes…

「寶劍鋒從磨礪出,梅花香自苦寒來」 - "The sharp edge of a precious sword is a result of grinding work; The sweet fragrance of a plum blossom comes after a bitter winter"

「逍遙自在」- “Free at heart”

「靜」- “Tranquility”