About Us

Who are you guys?

We are Feng and Liu! Thinkers and artists, dreamers and fools, we are brothers from different mothers who both taught us the importance of a cultivated life.

Raised in Hong Kong and educated in England and North America, our paths finally crossed during college. Feng is a zen philosopher, a risk taker, a free spirit born from experiential wisdom whose imaginations may seem more foolish than wise. Liu on the other hand is an interior designer, an articulator, a XXXXXXX

Why did you create ZEN?

Chinese calligraphy is an ancient art form blending together the mastery of brushstrokes and the beauty of words. It is created with brush, ink and special paper made from rice. Words of poetry are calligraphed onto scrolls, and displayed anywhere to add a touch of cultivation.

We wanted to bring calligraphy to the modern home. We wanted to add a contemporary twist to our ancient heritage. We wanted to create interiors with culture and edge. Afterall, we are young thinkers bored of mundane framed artwork, and hanging calligraphy scrolls at home felt a little… well, out of mode. So came the idea of calligraphing Chinese words and poetry directly on walls, kinda like graffiti. We experimented a little more, and ZEN was born.


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